a leprechaun trap

by Apple Peterson in , ,

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, Be Sisterly is hoping to catch a tricky leprechaun with this leprechaun trap. Our 1st grader came home with this project 4 weeks ago and being true to tradition, we didn't get started until last night. I decided to hand this project off to my dear husband when my 7-year old showed me all the leprechaun trap searches she found on Google. I would say she was pretty ambitious ...

My goal this year is to not  spend anything. But when push comes to shove and you had only a few hours left after piano and soccer practices ... you will do just about anything. I did take a peek at that Orchard receipt and the damage was a little under $12. Not bad at all (I've been known to spend over $50 for one of the kids projects).

My husband will tell you that this is a simple project but I beg to differ. The only materials purchased for this project were the plumbing pipes and the spray paint.  I believe the joints of the plumbing pipes were the priciest part.


My husband created a U shape bar with the plumbing pipes. He then used the cardboard box as the main platform, spray painted everything in green and voila!

Our little one then picked it up from where the hubby left off and created this beautiful double sided rainbow. We helped her insert a rope inside the pipe and attach the plastic cup. We found some left over candy coins from Christmas (hey! I know it's old but they came handy) and used that as bait to lure that tiny leprechaun.

When we thought we were done, the 7-year old asked me a myriad of questions and she had some serious doubts about the workability of this trap. She almost came undone but my good ole' hubby assured her that it was all about magic!

Despite the craziness of last night, she managed to get this turned in this morning. Phew! Glad that's over ... Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone! Don't drink and drive!