and so it begins ...

by Apple Peterson in , ,

Today marks the last day of winter, allergies aren't just for spring or fall but when you have pollen allergies ... spring is definitely your enemy! I've been lucky enough that no one in my family suffers from any type of indoor allergies like dust mites or mold but I've lived in Tracy for eleven years now and Spring is definitely a challenge for everyone. 


The main problem living in San Joaquin County is that it's one of the most agriculturally rich regions in California and is the number one producer, statewide, of asparagus. Twenty-four thousand acres of county farmland is dedicated to production of this crop. Tracy is located smack in the middle of San Joaquin County and it lays adjacent to Brentwood, a bedroom community dedicated to U-PICK farms for cherries, nectarines and apricots. Talk about pollen overload!

It's hard to contain my excitement over cherry picking but I could never overlook how miserable everyone seems to be around this time of the year. For the last decade or so, I've followed and put together some helpful tips that could help make the transition to spring a little easier. 

  1. The most important tip is to wash your beddings every week instead of every 2 weeks. You also need to wash your beddings in hot water. I would go a step further and iron the beddings each time they are washed.
  2. Once the kids steps into the house from an outdoor activity or from school, it is important that they take a shower. This ensures that they are clean and pollen free before they head to bed. 
  3. Keep your doors and windows closed. If you have indoor pets, make sure that you limit their exposure to the outdoor. When they do need to step out, make sure that their paws are wiped before they enter the house. Bathing them more often would help tremendously.
  4. Irrigating the nose helps clear out the irritants and Neti pots offers instant relief. It is very important to have one handy.
  5. Treat the symptoms! If your eyes are itchy, do not reach for that Claritin! Instead, an eye solution would clear out the problem quicker.
  6. Stay clear of rugs, blankets or any type of surface and materials that can trap pollen.

Having an allergy survival plan is important! Spring is such a beautiful time and it's good to be able to enjoy it from time to time! It's a shame when allergies spoils it.