Kick off!

by Apple Peterson in , , , ,

I've never felt this strange desire to clean my house despite the fact that it's the third day of spring and isn't that somewhat traditional? Occasionally, I do have some minor issues putting the vacuum down but that's pretty much the extent of what I want and would do everyday. I have been in denial about the actual state of my house the last few weeks because I've been spending my days worrying with my daughter about college acceptances and decisions. In addition, confronting the house would be like confronting another issue I've been trying to avoid ... taxes! Ugh!

I came to visit the home of my son's soccer coach the other day, which ironically was the first day of spring. Despite their daily challenges with all their kids' extra curricular activities, their house was immaculate. There was nothing out of place, no dust and no fuss. I loved it! I came home with a new attitude and was determined to declutter my home! As soon as I got home from carpool I was on a spring-cleaning mindset ... 


Until ... I realized I tried to do too much too quickly. I pulled out every drawer in the house and took everything out without thinking how I was going to 'organize' everything. There was no method to the madness and after a few hours of sorting receipts, photos, toys, keys, coupons and just about anything else; I was beginning to feel overwhelmed. I had this urge to get a trash bag and dump all the contents out and then I would be done right? My thoughts behind this or how I was trying to justify it to myself was that none of these things had seen the light of day for the last year or so. There must be nothing of value or importance stuffed into those drawers.

Of course, the rational side of me won over and I sat there sorting every piece of paper I could find. I did end up putting all the other items that I couldn't file into a trash bag, to be set aside and then poured out when the rest of the family is present. They can then decide if they want to keep those items or not.  The drawers took the entire day to clean out so I decided to put this spring-cleaning task on hold until I could formulate a better plan.

More tips in the coming days on how to wrestle with all your junk! I'll be personally taking notes as I forge ahead. In the meantime, you can find some helpful tips here from none other than Martha Stewart.

Happy cleaning!