Spring looping - Giveaway!

by Apple Peterson in , ,

To extend our excitement with the coming of spring, our next giveaway is something light and bright! It's the perfect way to help celebrate the new season. If you are a summer scarf wearing person,  the color would work just as well for you!


In light of our recent introduction to the blogging world, a winner will be disclosed as soon as we receive at least 50 comments in this entry. Spread the word so we can get to the next giveaway much faster!

So tell us in a sentence or two, what do you look forward to this time of the season? It could be as simple as spring break, winning this Madewell scarf or in my case, watching The Ten Commandments on TV.

If you are our lucky winner, here are 15 ways to wear a scarf. Tie that scarf to perfection!