Color me pastel!

by Apple Peterson in , , ,


Did you know that there are different breeds of chicken that lay pastel colored eggs? That's right! No need to dye those eggs come Easter time!  Araucana chickens originated in Chile and are quite rare in the United States.  A purebred Araucana chicken could lay pastel blueish green eggs. It is a hybrid from two South American breeds called Colloncas (naturally blue-egg laying) and Quetero another breed that lays a pale pinkish egg. 

A breed called Ameraucana was known to have been developed here in United States. Amercauna is a descendant of the Araucana (thus the name American + Araucana) and it too carries the blue gene.


There are other breeds of chickens that lay different colored eggs, of course other than the normal brown and white ones. Marans lay really dark colored eggs and the Easter Egger,  which is commonly mixed up with the Ameraucana (because it also carries the blue gene). The Easter Egger, however, can lay a pastel pink, green or blueish egg.  

If you ever find yourself feeling lazy to dye those eggs or up for a challenge, it should be fun to research the different breeds and where you can find them locally.  It's definitely going to be a more interesting Easter egg hunt!