Floral Arrangement

by Apple Peterson in , ,


Spring is the perfect time to start a new hobby -- floral arrangement! You don't necessarily have to be super creative or an expert to create a festive bouquet. The amount and variety of flowers available in spring is enough to inspire just about anyone!

Here are some simple ways to create a beautiful arrangement with minimal effort. Any type of flower has the ability to 'sell' itself so how can you go wrong?

The bottom two examples were my own go-do-it ideas! Mostly the green fillers that look like mounds of green grass inspired this particular Easter centerpiece. Costco offers 2-dozen roses for $16.99 and $8.99 for a dozen of tulips. I would think this centerpiece could easily set you back around $80 so creating one on your own is not only saving you money but the entire process is definitely fulfilling. The handful of ranunculus was purchased from Trader Joe's and it cost around $5. A bunch of ranunculus is always a great choice when it comes to price and longevity of the flowers.

Screen Shot 2013-03-30 at 9.30.05 AM.png

Different colors or shapes of flowers adds different tones or moods to a room.  So whether your creation is for a special occasion or for your bedside table, I'm sure it will put on a great show! 

From the Be Sisterly family to yours, have a happy & safe Easter!