Balancing act

by Apple Peterson in , , ,

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The furor over the mother who says having her two children was the biggest regret of her life ignited even more debate this week when it was posted on Yahoo News main page.  The Daily Mail originally published the article a little over a week ago and it has since garnered thousands of comments, mostly in disapproval and rejection. 

Certainly, everyone has the right to decide if procreating is for them. The decision to bring children into this world should never come from nonsensical ideals or a sense of obligation or better yet, the need to fulfill someone else's expectations. Why should anyone ever feel that need to blindly follow the instinct to have children? 

Whether this article was written purely to spark comments or debate, one thing rings true ... it takes courage to express something like this publicly. 

Motherhood is serious business. It's a life long commitment that no one could ever master. Throughout my adolescence my mother would tell me that we more often regret the things we did not or attempt to do. This was her way of pushing me to throw caution to the wind when conflicted with a tough decision. However, in this instance it would have been a wiser decision if later in life, Isabella Dutton regretted not having children rather than regretting having them after the fact.