sweet sweet cake ...

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Visit Pinterest.com and you'll be floored by the amount of beautiful photos of flowers, nature and sky. It is not only visually exciting but there's also that sense of fulfillment once you've discovered, collected or curate photos that you personally find interesting, beautiful or creative.

They say that every picture tells a story but in the world of Pinterest, every pin sure does say a lot more about you. It provides a glimpse into your hobbies, interests, collections, fetishes or even your hopes and dreams. At first glance, I'm aware that it screams out "feminine interests" but you'd be surprised to know that there is something for everyone!

photo credit: pinterest.com

I've been obsessively searching for some cake ideas lately. A big birthday celebration is coming up in a few months and the choices out there are beyond incredible! Once you find the perfect one though, the next problem would be finding someone who can duplicate that vision.

Here is some amazing work of art and they are just too pretty to eat! There are so many talented people out there and doesn't this make you wonder what you've been doing with your time?