Spring break uncovered ... SF

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It's our first spring break spent at home and what a week it's been. It's been difficult to plan any type of vacation with one set of children going to public school and another to private school. In the last five years or so, I've been referring to spring break as "an ongoing break" beginning the first week of March all the way through April.  It definitely puts a damper in everyone's plans.

Nevertheless, we do our best to make it work and do as much as we can with each individual child and as a family. Over the last few weeks, we've managed to do a little bit of graduation dress shopping, a quick trip to San Francisco and a foodie trip to Berkeley while running some errands. We've also managed to squeeze in some movies, at-home parties and play dates. It wasn't a unique spring break but we always make every effort to make it as memorable. As a mother, my main goal is to have my family together and I often emphasize the importance of knowing your own neck of the woods.

So even if you have been given a small window of time, you can still see a lot or get a lot done. The secret is knowing what to do or what you want to see. We can't always drag the kids to Disneyland right? So here are some highlights of my 3-week Spring break with the kiddos! First stop, San Francisco.

Monday is always the best day to head out to San Francisco. There is less traffic, less crowd and more parking spots! It you don't have to drag kids around the city, I would recommend taking BART. You can actually spend less time worrying about parking or rushing yourself so you can get out of the city before rush hour hits.

If your plan were to go shopping, the parking lot under Union Square would be the best spot. It is central to all the major department stores like Macys, Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue. It is also just a few blocks away from Westfield Shopping Center located on Market. Union Square is the heart of San Francisco and it's pretty all season long. You can spend hours people watching or ice-skating during winter months. There are definitely a lot of things to do besides shopping!

Prom is just a few weeks away and graduation comes just right after. We were hunting specifically for some prom shoes, accessories and an idea for a grad dress. We started our day with an early lunch at The Rotunda inside Neiman Marcus. It is best to shop with our tummy's full because shopping with an empty stomach can get you into bigger trouble!

The Rotunda has a wonderful view of Union Square and even at the last hour, you can get a reservation and request a special view through Opentable. The price is pretty decent and it'll cost you close to what you pay at Olive Garden but the taste and the quality of the food is 100x better! Before leaving the city, we made sure to pick up half a dozen of Beard Papa's for the hubby ... he finds those cream filled puffs so irresistible!

After a few hours trying on clothes and even with desserts to go, we decided to head out to Humphry Slocombe. This ice-cream shop is in the Mission area of San Francisco and you have to make sure you have the exact address because it is easy to miss! The location is not exactly in the best area of San Francisco and you have to find parking on the street! However, this place is rated as one of the top ice-cream shops in San Francisco so it's well worth it! Where else do you think you can try a scoopful of prosciutto, vanilla bacon or black sesame seed ice cream?