too much of a good thing ...

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There are things we just can't live without or should I say, things that we just need to hoard just in case they stop production. My husband thinks it's pure idiocy that we (as in women) or I put so much emphasis on material things or certain brands.

One of the arguments that you can put on the table is that we do live in America and as much as we'd like to justify every little thing, there is no denying that we do put a lot of emphasis on our physical appearance or body image, we rely too much on technology, we're workaholics and we kind of have an 'in-your-face' attitude about our freedoms. 

Personally, I have too much of everything. It's not only a fact but also a problem. Friends often joke, "well if you have too much, then why not give it to me?". I wish it were that simple. My brain for some reason doesn't function that way. Going through my closet yesterday I've discovered dozens of clothes in hangers with tags on; some I'd probably never wear or fit me. Nevertheless, they went back to their respective places. The main point of going through my closet was to purge but I came out of there with one dress in hand. It's funny and sad at the same time. 

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There is some danger with certain kinds of obsessions and most likely some psychology behind why we form such bad habits.  I found a really good article written by Tom Stafford of the BBC in London about Why we love to hoard ... and how you can overcome it!  It explains the behavioral economics of endowment effect or divestiture aversion. In layman's terms revolves around our attachment to things we own and the unexplainable unwillingness to let go or give away because foregoing it feels like a loss and humans are loss-averse.

I am quite sure that I'll be back in my closet sometime next week ... exasperated, cursing at myself for not being able to find anything, but I'll sleep well at night knowing that everything is where it should be. It's pathetic I know, but it's honest and it's the truth.