Establishing a routine

by Apple Peterson in , , ,

Summer vacation is merely 4 weeks away and I am personally dreading the fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants days that it normally comes with. Something about the kids being home everyday, makes me throw caution to the wind and my daily routine just goes out the window. 

Gone are the days when we wake up at 6 am, getting our wits together and ready for school. Despite the fact that we can all wake up at whatever time we desire, I am not looking forward to mid-morning snacks, lunches and well ... whining! Nothing runs smoothly when I'm off my routine and it's even more overwhelming to think about trying to get back to it when school begins again in August.

So this summer, I plan to stick to my guns and start a new vacation routine for me and the kids. I believe that setting some reasonable expectations makes for a saner home!

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1.) Clean-as-you-go is important and everyone needs to continue pitching in. This ensures that our home life and tasks flows together. I'm sure my kids would call me a 'nag' but it's very important that we work this aspect into our day otherwise we'd be inundated with big things that will overwhelm us at the end of the day.

2.) Make your bed! I say this to my kids often enough but it is important to start your morning right and having a clean, made bed just puts a smile on everyone's faces.

3.) 10 Minutes never underestimate the power of completing short and small tasks. You will be amazed how much work is completed collectively at the end of the day. 

4.) Just do it!  you are feeling tired and ready to unwind, but hang on ... don't forget to end the night the right way! The more tasks you complete the night before the happier you would be the next morning. So clean that kitchen, have the kids put away their toys or fold that laundry! 

Being on top of your chores and day-to-day tasks is always important! However, never forget to keep your expectations manageable and reasonable. You are not required to make things perfect at all time and occasionally 'good enough' does so much more!