Pretty in Pink!

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Paper Lanterns from Luna Bazaar  
String lights from Target


Hosting a party, no matter where the venue is ... you are always sharing a piece of yourself. It not only shows a side of your personality but it also provides a glimpse into your imagination. It's even more of a difficult task when you're throwing a party for an 18-year old who is in the midst of final exams and going through the final week of high-school.

This party was a difficult one, mostly because it was like pulling teeth to get an answer ... do you like this? Is pink ok? Her head nods but you wonder if you were heard ... I'm sure her wedding would be interesting to plan but I shall leave that to a professional wedding planner.  Lastly, it was a bittersweet occasion ... an 18th, graduation and a going away all wrapped into one. It took me awhile to digest the situation. 

Array of Candy from Oh! Nuts 

Array of Candy from Oh! Nuts 

 Nevertheless, without anyone to pass ideas with, my main concern was to ensure that it  was personalized and of course to make it fun for everyone!


Cake from Cafe Attila in San Ramon, CA
Paper Rosettes from Gus + Marley
Balloon Tassels from The Paper Jam
Cupcakes from Kara's Cupcakes
Macarons from Sparkles Macaron's
Tissue Garland from The Flair Exchange


Pink Mason Jars from Drop Cloth Designs
Pink Paper Straws from Amazon
Beverage Dispenser from Frontgate
BGreen Plates from Amazon 

Photo Booth from Entourage Event SF
Lights from Entourage Event SF
DJ Service Entourage Event SF
Floating Water Lanterns from Sky Lanterns

Renting a photo booth was a no brainer! Have you seen these teenagers Instagram? Twitter? or Facebook? It's full of what they call  'selfies' or self-taken photographs of themselves. The photo booth was like a host in itself! The kids would line up and next thing you know it's 12 less people you need to entertain. Our DJ also catered to the kids choice of music and there were some kids dancing while they waited for their turn for the photo booth. 

Cake from Cafe Attila in San Ramon, CA
Tapered Candles from Olive & Cocoa
Giant Balloons from Balloons Fast
Dress is an oldie from See by Chloe

The evening was just perfect and magical. The noise level was bearable for the neighbors (well, no one called the cops). The party wrapped up at a decent time and our little Cinderella went straight to bed to make sure she was able to get up bright and early for her graduation! 

For a novice party-planner like me,  it was a close call and for a bigger occasion like this (80+), I'll make sure I seek the help of a professional next time.  It was a great experience, one that pushed my abilities, patience and temperaments! One thing is for certain ... the networking aspect of party-planning and the interactions with vendors is something I will always treasure. 

And as for our newly minted 18 year old? It may not be the classic debut that everyone have these days, but she did give me a big hug and told me that the party was everything she had imagined and wanted ... that was the best compliment of all!