dream away ...

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The winner of the largest undivided Powerball Jackpot in history was announced last week. Gloria C. MacKenzie, of Zephyrhills Florida won a staggering $590 million jackpot! $590 million is definitely a lot of money for one person, even if you consider a little over half of that goes to taxes ... $280 million is still way too much money!

One can only wonder or dream what to do with all that money ... what would you do? Tell me what would you do with $280 million dollars?

Personally, I will most likely invest half of that money and give away a quarter of it. The rest will be spent on travel and most likely purchasing homes all over the world. They don't need to be overly spacious or overly expensive ... dreaming is free so why not? Here's a quick peek to my dream list ...

One of my dream places is Tahoe! I would trade my current home for a cabin in the woods. However, if I do have the cash ... why not just purchase this $3.9 million dollar home right across the lake? It's not exceptionally big but that view is just to die for!


Then, let's go across the country and check out this this 6,054 Sq/ft contemporary loft on Hudson Street in New York City. You only need $24,000,000.00 ... chump change?


I am in love with London and I would definitely love to live here or at least spend more time here to watch some football! Here's a  very modern 4 bedroom home in Knightsbridge, London. It's $15,000,000.00, but isn't it so Notting Hill?

Lastly, my most favorite of them all is this landmark Mosman home in Sydney, Australia. It just radiates elegance. Despite living in the US for most of my adult life, I'll always have a soft spot for the "land down under".