Dorm Life

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So you made it! High-school is finally over and you have pretty much decided on the school you want to spend the next four years dedicating yourself to more studying! Hooray!  

The short amount of time in between high-school and college is just enough time/break to feel somewhat re-energized, well rested and excited for your next journey. The month of June is notoriously known as the "paper-work" month where incoming freshmen college students finalize their college financial information, place deposits for their dorms and decide on their meal plans. 

Cornell University (Court-Kay-Bauer Dormitory)

As we get closer to the end of June and beginning of July months, most kids have decided on a roommate and they are receiving information about their dorm room allocations. My daughter decided to double this year which is definitely better for our pockets and with all the traveling costs between New York and California, we're very much sensitive to any kind of spending ...

Of course, it's difficult not to rain on their parade ... after all, these kids worked really hard to get into college. As a parent, whether you have decided to pay for none, some or all of their college expenses -- it is very important that you recognize the work it took  them to get here. 

One of the most exciting part about dorm life is decorating your own space, or at least half of the room! It is very important that these kids are empowered to make their own choices, albeit with some guidance when it comes to what really makes sense. On our end, schlepping furniture or anything bulky across the country at the end of the school year is not an option. 

There are a few ways to prepare your son or daughter and one of the key things that I've recommended is to search the internet, specifically YouTube for some dorm room videos. This is a good way to start creating your list of what you think you may need versus what really makes sense to take with you.  Majority of college dormitories nowadays provide a common room where the students can hang out, watch television as well as a kitchenette with a microwave and a refrigerator to share amongst their suit-mates.

Since Ithaca, NY is about 3,000 miles from sunny California, it's important to decide early on what to buy now, what to ship there and what to buy later.

Here are some of our cool finds and do please share any items that you may find or found useful during your college days ...