Phillip Lim for Target

by Apple Peterson in , , , ,

If you went gaga for the Missoni collaboration or the Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection for Target then you'd most likely flip for the Phillip Lim Collection.  

Phillip Lim is just my kind of designer. His cuts are classic, functional but youthful. His clothes has a touch of sophistication and yet not overly fussy. The upcoming collection has some very tasteful color-blocking styles and the demure look would be just perfect for fall.

If I had one word to describe his style? I would say chic! You can wear his clothes in your 20's all the way to your 50'! 

The limited 100-item collections are due out September 15. The items will range from $19.99-$299.99 (the higher end items comprises of leather jackets). I believe the collection is very impressive and possibly could top the sales of the Missoni/Target collaboration. 

Who's camping out with me?