Back-to-school Chronicles: Wrapping Textbooks

by Apple Peterson in , , ,


I've been known to carry my own re-usable bags when going to grocery stores or shopping. Majority of stores in Northern California are now charging 10 cents per bag. Who really wants to spend 10 cents for a bag that will end up taking space in your house or better yet, thrown into the recycle bin? In addition, 10 cents after 10 cents do add up in the long run. 

There are times in the year that I am overly eager to collect those grocery store paper bags and that usually comes around July, a month before school begins. Having four kids in school, I've learned my lesson in terms of purchasing those flimsy book covers they sell at Wal-Mart or Target. They normally work for a week or so and then they either slide off or the kids complain about their inability to grip their books because of the material. So suffice to say, we stop buying those and started just wrapping their textbooks using grocery paper bags.

The kids sometimes would draw or paint on the grocery bag prior to using it as wrapping material. Recently, the variety of design and colorful duct tape available became so appealing that instead of using those for mailing packages, we've been using them to cover their textbooks as well. Not only their book cover looks sturdy, unique ... it's even somewhat waterproof!


Check out the results of our very own homemade book cover using duct tape and paper bag. Don't forget that most textbooks nowadays are reused or printed using the same dimensions -- these book covers can be reused over and over again! 

In addition, The Duck Brand created a YouTube tutorial on how to create your very own book cover using duct tape materials.  Check it out!