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School supply shopping brings joy to my life! Yep, you heard it from here ... I'm probably one of the very few mom's out there who looks forward to this day! Here are some reasons why this is such a happy occasion for me:-

*  My kids are heading back to school soon! Yay!
*  It's an activity that my kids also look forward to doing ... with me.
*  I've always been fond of sifting through school supplies and seeing what's out there.
*  I'm a sucker for the most unusual, hard to find items so I actually shop for school supplies throughout the year. 

Now, here are some tips to make a this whole back-to-school thing a little less frustrating to some ...

1.) Start early. Plan to complete your school supply shopping at least 3 weeks before school begins. Places like Wal-Mart or Target have their school supplies available at least 4 weeks before schools are scheduled to reopen. Remember that some private schools return  2-weeks earlier than most public schools.  

2.) Keep your receipt always! Normally they have a big sale a week before the new school year begins. However, if you wait that late in the game to do your school supplies shopping then there won't be anything left! So keep your receipt because most places will do a one-time price adjustment for you. 

3.) Be prepared. If your child is attending this particular school for a few more years, it doesn't hurt to pick up a class supply list for the following year. This way, you can pick up extra supplies now or throughout the year. It will be less overwhelming for you for the next year.

4.) Smile. Be happy and don't sweat the small stuff. Remember, the kids are heading back to school and if you compare the headache of shopping for back to school clothes ... then trust me when I say that this is as easy as pie!