Curated: Back-to-school must haves

by Apple Peterson in , , , ,

Another school year is before us and what better way to spend the final week of vacation surfing for back-to-school clothes.

We have purchased a few sets of new outfits a few weeks back but my children (Ok, at least 3/4 of them) enjoy looking at clothes and accessories especially when there's nothing else going on. To keep them entertained this weekend, I tasked them to curate some back-to-school must-haves that they thought would look great together. 

I seriously think that they are all secretly wishing they had all these clothes and accessories in their closet! What can I say? My little Apples didn't fall far from the tree ...

GH - 7-years-old. She loves playing make believe with her Build-A-Bear rabbit called Bunny-Bunny and her American doll named Hannah. She loves the color pink and is pretty bold with her choices. She enjoys mix-matching different patterns, colors and textures. She is in charge of her own daily school outfits and some of her choices I found to be difficult to pull off but somehow she always manages to ...


CD - 15-years-old. He's a sophomore in high school and is working towards his driving permit. Along with his 7-year-old sister, he enjoys looking at clothes and spending time taking photos to post on his Instagram.

AB - 18-years-old. She is heading for college in a few weeks and is very excited to be part of the Big Red community. Her choices in clothes are definitely maturing, with a touch of preppy and gypsy.