No Money ... More Honey

by Apple Peterson in , , ,

Despite the fact that the economy is getting better, some of us are going through a different phase in our lives financially.

It's no big news that we have a child that is starting college this year and at $60k a year, gone are the days where we can frivolously spend money here and there.

So for a milestone anniversary we opted to think small and creative. Our biggest splurge on our anniversary was attending a concert at Wente Vineyards. Granted, we were only about 10-years-old when the band Chicago became mainstream with hits like "Look Away", "Hard to Say I'm Sorry" and "If You Leave Me Now" ... we still absolutely enjoyed ourselves. Perhaps it was because we are rarely alone together and watching older couples around us dancing silly provided some kind of amusement. I also almost consumed a whole bottle of Chardonnay all by myself so that also probably has something to do with it.

Nevertheless, we still wanted to give each other something more tangible but cheap. So while the modern gift for a 20th wedding anniversary is platinum, I opted to go traditional which is china ... a map of China of course!!! My husband's facial expression was priceless and he stared at it for a while and told me "I don't get it!” It took awhile and when he finally understood, he laughed while my kids groaned and complained how cheesy I was.

Map of China folded into a heart.

We don't always need a grand gesture of our love and commitment and at 20 years of marriage, that alone is proof how big that love is and how strongly committed we are to each other.

So tell us at Be Sisterly ... what is the funniest, cheapest or the most out-of-the-box gift you have given or received for your anniversary or for a special occasion? We'd like to hear from you and of course a photo means a thousand words so send one along if you have it available.