Summer Momiform

by Apple Peterson in , , , ,

When you are a busy mom, there's very little time in the day to figure out what you need to wear. Truthfully, who wants to think about that? That will eat up another 20 minutes of my day.

Some days, I am just glad that I am able to wash my hair and that I am able to pull myself together every day. Trust me, I've been known to drop off my kids in my PJ's! Okay, that was four years ago but nevertheless been there, done that ...

I do understand that sometimes you run into some people that you haven't seen in a while but how often does that happen in a small town like Tracy? When it is unbearably hot outside, I'm not really thinking about who I need to impress!  If the shirt is comfortable and clean ... I will wear it! Who exactly wants to be shifting their skirts when you're stuck waiting around for the kids to get done from soccer practices or piano lessons? Comfort is key and a little stretch in the material is always a bonus! 

Here are a few of my own summer staples or my "mommy uniform" and a few other favorite things.